What you might want to know

It is not their personality, its just a part that they are struggling with! .

Suicide Warning signs:

1) Mood - Loss of interest; Irritability; Rage; Anxiety; Humiliation;

2) Talk - Saying things such having no reason to live; Feeling trapped; Being a burden to others; Experiencing unbearable pain; Killing themselves;

3) Behavior - Sleeping too much or too little; Isolating from family and friends; Acting recklessly; Withdrawing from activities; Aggression; Giving away prized possessions; Visiting or calling to say goodbye; Researching ways to end life; What you can do in that moment:

If you are contemplating suicide please reach out to anyone and do not act on your thoughts. The moment must be unbearable and you might feel as there is no way out but you must know that tough times never last and you matter! So please reach out to anyone and let them know what you are planning to do. Let someone help you carry that burden. You are not alone! Suicide prevention numbers are listed HERE .

If the person has attempted suicide and needs medical attention or a suicide attempt is imminent please call 911. If you suspect that a person is contemplating a suicide make sure you have them under your watch while they receive professional help.

Our passion is to reduce the stigma around mental health and view therapy as a positive and proactive part of routine healthcare.